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Educating underprivileged children

Education plays a significant role in our life. It decides the destiny of a child and helps him to grow and
achieve great things in life. These days every parent wants their children to get admission in best school
of the area, but nobody thinks about the importance of education in the life of destitute children. Only a
few people come forward to take action regarding this major concern.
Due to inadequate financial conditions many are compelled to work in extreme conditions resulting
increase in child labour cases in our country.
Under the Indian Constitution, it is mandatory to provide education as a fundamental right free of cost
to children between the age of six and fourteen. Government schools are there for poor children who
cannot afford to go to private schools which costs a lot. But still there are many children who never
went to school in some backward areas of our country where people are living below poverty line.
Why are these children discriminated even there are rights for all, are they not considered Indian
citizens? Don’t they deserve to live freely and get successful like others?